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If serving a meal, consider a grand buffet for your grand ball.

  • Decorate with elaborate place settings from silver plasticware and serving dishes (found inexpensively at a party or discount store).

  • The Food Network’s 9 most decadent desserts here.

  • There are many, many recipes on the internet for this theme. Simply decide what you would like to serve (roast chicken, llamb, et.c) and then search for the recipe that you desire.

  • Try to make your food something that is easy to prepare ahead of time and takes little to no preparation as the party approaches.

To pull through the theme for your party, you can name your foods to reflect the stories and storylines that are interwoven throughout Once Upon A Murder.

  • A Seven Dwarf Salad, The King’s Chicken Wings, Poisonous Apple Pie, Magical Mushroom Caps, are a few examples.

  • Some other words we’ve found: prince, princess, king queen, evil, elfly, cursed, enchanted, cruel, maiden, sleeping, loyal, true, storybook, whimsical, magical, mystical, etc. In addition, you can use any of the character’s names to describe your food and beverage.

Don’t forget to put your food choices into the menu (provided with the mystery) and display it for the guests! (pictured far below)

Accentuate your dessert table with any or all of these Fairy Tale themed desserts!

  • Create a Castle Cake (see many examples here).

  • Gingerbread house – from Hansel and Gretel, who will be attending.

  • Have a basket of Little Red Riding Hoods Goodies – sticky buns, baked goods and/or sweets!

  • Poisonous Apple Pie or Carmel Apples.

  • How about some edible magic wands? Recipe here.

In many instances, your dessert can act like your centerpiece for the beginning of the party... until you eat it!

gingerbread house
Find directions here Find directions here Create a gluten-free house!


  • Set table with fairytale stagecoach placecards for each guest. SEE HERE. OR HERE.
    Your guests can take them home as favors. (You can also set them out by their money, objectives, etc. at the beginning of the night.)

  • Construct one long table for dinner. Use a brightly colored or metalbrc piece of fabric for a runner.

  • Drape table with gossamer and put white twinkle brghts underneath to illuminate.

  • Decorate the table runner with gold fabric paint.

  • Include jewels glued to the edges of tablecloths and gold- or silver-toned paper plates, cups and silverware.

  • Purchase gold colored plastic cups and hot glue fake jewels to the outside of the cups.

  • Use a centerpiece of white roses (fake or real) in a clear vase filled with sparkly gems or beads.

  • Finish off by tying a tulle fabric bow onto each chair.

  • Display your menu for everyone to see or have it at each place setting. (Menu template included with package.)
menu tavle goblet


To set the mood for your party, you he music for such a theme can come from one of the many soundtracks for the fairy tales. If this is not music you will listen to in the future, consider borrowing it from your local library.

Some fairy tale movies include:

  • Snow White and the Huntsmen
  • Red Riding Hood
  • Mirror, Mirror
  • Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  • Aladdin
  • Once Upon A Time (t.v. series)
  • Grimm (t.v. series)
  • Cinderella
  • Shrek
  • Hoodwinked
  • Tangled
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